Mission Statement

Inspire change through research and education aimed at a sustainable ethical society without animal exploitation

About EVER

Ethical Vegan Earth Research (EVER) is an Incorporated Not for Profit Association.

We aim to pass on the knowledge we have accumulated, and lend a hand to those who require a helping hand in transitioning away from their support of the inherently cruel and crippling animal exploitation industries.

We share the shocking facts about animal agriculture, and its massive disproportionate contribution to the unfolding environmental catastrophe we are now witnessing. EVER is for those who, like us, are deeply concerned about justice and are ready to be part of a movement that not only offers a real solution but provides proven health benefits. Food is a big part of this and as a vegan, every meal becomes a celebration of the principles of fairness and compassion.

We hope that through our website content and our future educational initiatives and research, our members will be inspired to act. We offer guidance on making the changes and managing the reality of day to day life.

The sanctuary is an important part of our work but as yet is not open to the general public.

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