Reem Researcher and Co-founder

Reem has obtained her degree in Astrophysics and PhD in Medical Physics from the University of Hertfordshire in England. She has worked in R&D science and engineering for 15 years until her passion for animals and animal rights saw her retire from that domain and start a journey of rescue and animal rights advocacy. After 25 years as a vegetarian, Reem started to investigate the hidden truths behind dairy and eggs, and decided that her love for animals could not be divided by species, and she became a committed ethical vegan. She has now completed a Research Masters in Animal Law and Society through the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Reem’s passion is animal rights. Her main research currently focuses on the hidden truths behind factory farmed rabbits in Australia. Her hobbies include caring for the rescued sanctuary animals as well as promoting the status of rabbits through writing and publications. In her spare time, Reem likes to play the ukulele to the sanctuary goats and sheep.