Rick Director and Co-founder

Rick had a passion for nature and animals from an early age. He spent many weekends and holidays during high school and university working on his father’s property helping with his veterinary research experiments on the family beef farm. Later Rick also had the opportunity to work on the family dairy farm.
Rick studied Chemical engineering at The University of Sydney and later gained an Executive MBA through the University of Hertfordshire. Rick has worked continuously in his field of engineering for over 30 years.
In his early forties Rick started to think about ethics and what it means to live a good life and with the inspiration from his wife Reem, and inspiring Australians such as Lyn White and Phil Wollen, adopted a vegan lifestyle. Since that time Rick has dedicated much of his spare time to educating himself in the reality of all areas of animal use and the environmental consequences. He is now passionate about helping others to learn the truth and reconsider their support for animal exploitation. Rick’s hobbies include competition tennis, running, volunteer primary school ethics teaching, running the animal sanctuary and maintaining the vegetable garden.