Tanya Web developer & godmother to Brian

Tanya has completed an Advanced Diploma of Marketing and a Graduate Certificate of Management, however naturally gravitated towards the IT scene, and has been working with websites and databases for the past 10+ years. She has always had a love for animals, and instinct to protect them; one of her first school projects was to protest the clubbing of baby harp seals in the Arctic in the 90s. Later she began to research animal industries and moved to a vegan way of life at the start of 2014. Tanya has volunteered for WIRES, worked as a live-in volunteer at the Farm Animal Rescue sanctuary in QLD, and co-founded Animal Voices UNSW, a university club which serves as a platform for animal awareness related activities on campus. Tanya met Rick & Reem and became the techie member of the EVER family, and is honoured to now be godmother to Brian the lorikeet.