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Beans and lentils give me gas – how do I avoid it?

Try adding Asafetida, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, cloves, or black pepper to foods to neutralise the gas producing compounds.

Is Wine vegan?

Not all wine (whether organic or not) is vegan. Fining agents, or processing aids in wine have traditionally been casein, albumin, gelatin and isinglass. Most vegan wine will have a vegan symbol at the back.
Barnivore is a comprehensive vegan alcohol directory.

Is vegan food more expensive?

One of the reasons why meat, Dairy and eggs are cheap is that they are products subsidised by the government. This is not yet the case for vegan products. This doesn’t mean that vegan food has to be more expensive. Preparing meals at home with staples such as rice, grains, legumes, tofu will be a cheaper option than meat.

Are Lollies vegan?

Gelatine is used in the making of most sweets. Gelatine is obtained by boiling the skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones from cows and pigs in water. There are some products which are accidentally vegan on the supermarket shelves, such as Skittles, Chuppa Chups (the non-milky ones), Pascall Jelly Beans; Natural Confectionary Co. Jelly Beans; Most liquorice; Sherbies and Lifesavers.

Where can I find a list of vegan foods in Australia?

EndCrueltyAustralia have an extensive list of over 1000 vegan friendly foods found in the IGA, Woolworths, Coles and Foodworks.

How can I substitute Honey?

Dates are very versatile and considered the most natural of sweeteners to use as an alternative to honey.
Maple syrup is also a good alternative, as it provides an earthy flavour. It can be used instead of honey for baked good recipes like cookies, cakes, and granola.