Tanja Researcher & European Representative

Tanja received her PhD in urban ecology at the University of Melbourne; her main interest was to contribute to habitats that can be shared between wildlife and people in human-dominated landscapes.

Tanja grew up in Germany. Ever since her childhood Tanja has been passionate about animals and the environment. After her University studies in Biology in Munich, Germany, she worked in conservation projects in several parts of the world, Tanja was awarded a laureate of Yves Rochers’ ‘Trophée de femmes’ for her work in Benin, West Africa.

As part of EVER she is interested to contribute to further research and to raise awareness about topics she is strongly passionate about: veganism and the environment.
In her free time, Tanja runs half marathons, loves to expand her vegan cooking skills and to organise vegan events. Tanja has founded the MeetUp group in Munich called ” Munich Vegan Forum” which has over 200 members and currently works and resides in Berlin.