Vegan workshops [The Trilogy]

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ~ Nelson Mandela


Vegan workshops- The Trilogy: Nutrition, Sustainability and Ethics

We run educational workshops in the topics of plant based nutrition including sustainability of food choices and the ethics of what we eat.We strongly believe that those three topics are very closely intertwined.

The first of those workshops was undertaken in Sydney in Nature Care College in May 2017. It was a huge success, with a fully booked course. We ran a 4 hr workshop inclusive of a three meal degustation (breakfast, Lunch and dessert). We were joined by a special guest speaker Adam Guthrie (

We are happy to offer some of our info packs for download:

Those include the following meal mentors: Vegan: Soy Free & Gluten Free; Vegan: no allergies; Athletic performance

as well as our nutritional guidance info sheets on: Plant Based Nutrition Guidelines;  Plant Based Gluten Free Nutritional Guidelines.

Thank you really loved the coverage of the different areas – ethics, diet, sustainability’.
‘Fantastic workshop, thank you so much, could have lasted all day’.
‘Loved it! would love to learn more.’
‘Love it! awesome.’
‘This was a great workshop. Very informative and inspiring. Thank you so much. You are doing amazing work’